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Junkineering,Posted 3 weeks ago


Full time

Junkineering is looking for a Social Media Manager (SMM) with experience in mobile gaming and a deep understanding of social media platforms and strategies relevant to the target audience.
Additionally, the SММ will be responsible for crafting a cohesive brand voice and ensuring consistency across all social channels and need to stay informed about the latest trends in mobile gaming and adapt strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities. The role may also involve planning and executing paid social media campaigns to drive user acquisition and engagement. The SMM would need to closely monitor campaign performance, adjust tactics as needed, and report on key metrics to demonstrate ROI.
In summary, we are  looking for a Social Media Manager with a passion for mobile gaming, strong analytical skills, creativity, and the ability to build and nurture an engaged community around the games.

What are you working on?
  • The name of the project(s): Junkineering
For which tasks (responsibilities)?

Developing and executing social media marketing campaigns to promote mobile games.
Creating engaging content tailored to each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
Managing social media accounts and monitoring user engagement.
Analyzing data and metrics to track the success of campaigns.
Collaborating with the marketing and game development teams to align strategies.
Staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in social media marketing.
Responding to customer inquiries and feedback on social media channels
Managing influencer partnerships and collaborations to expand reach.

What kind of professional are we looking for?

- At least 3 years of experience in a similar position
Understanding the target audience: knowing who your players are, their demographics, preferences, and behaviors is essential for crafting effective social media strategies.
Experience with engaging content creation: developing visually appealing and engaging content such as videos, images, GIFs, or interactive posts that resonate with your audience.
-Strong data analysis and tracking skills: monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement, clicks, conversions and overall campaign performance to optimize social media strategies.
Experience with paid advertising: using paid social media advertising to reach a larger audience, promote the game and attract or retain users.
Strong community management skills: building and maintaining a community around the game by interacting with players, responding to their comments and messages, and creating a positive and engaging environment.
Experience of partnership with influencers: collaboration with influencers or content creators in the gaming space to reach a wider audience and increase game awareness.
Fluency in English, both written and spoken.


Company type: product

Employees: 1-10

Platforms: Mobile

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